Welcome to By the Fire, a project to collect the stories of adventure, friendship, history, and magic that are told around the campfires of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

What does it take to participate?

We would absolutely love to have you share your favorite NSTIW story, tale of (mis)adventure, or other saga. If you're interested in participating, please fill out the form at the "Want to Participate" link above! We are looking for participants from all walks of SCA life and would love to hear from you!

What you will need to participate:

  • A story.

  • An internet connection and a webcam or microphone or a phone line. We are meeting digitally to collect stories (because we're in Oertha, which is far, far away) and we have the ability to accept "call in" participants.

  • About an hour and a half of time.

Please know, prior to participating you will be asked to consent to your story being recorded as audio and video and made available online.

What is By the Fire?

By the Fire was inspired by The Moth and Arctic Entries, two amazing shows that work to build community through storytelling. Our hope is that By the Fire will become a similar space for members of the SCA to connect with each other, despite the distances in between us. Each show will feature three (or more!) storytellers, sharing their best stories of SCA-centric adventure - how they surfed the shield wall, danced until dawn, or (and this one is my personal favorite) used some ice and Led Zepplin lyrics to herald royals into court.

In order to reach as many story-tellers as possible, episodes will be recorded using online meeting software. To improve accessibility, we intend to either use live auto-captioning or adding captions prior to posting the videos on YouTube.

As we develop, we plan to "theme" our episodes, similar to the shows that inspired us, but in the beginning we'll keep it a little looser. Each episode will be available on our YouTube channel, as well as through an audio download from this website.

Where can you listen?

Note: We're just starting out and don't have any content to share yet. Look for our first video by the end of June 2020! If you're looking for similar content in the meantime, check out the Knowne World BardCast, CalonSound, The Viking Home Companion, and the West Kingdom History Facebook Group.

You've got a couple options! You can watch the live-stream on YouTube, catch the captioned video later, or listen to an audio recording by downloading it from our Back Catalog! In the future, we're hoping to explore podcasts as an avenue to make your story listening dreams a reality!

Kinehild telling a story, half in armor.

Who's behind this?

Greetings to the Known World! My name is Kinehild le librari and I'm an story connoisseur living in the wilds of the Principality of Oertha! From my early days in the Kingdom of Calontir, I was surrounded by some of the best story-tellers the known world has to offer. I heard Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon recount the Glorious Charge of the Peasant's Rabble, Master Rhodri ap Hywel tell of the Battle of Siridean's Breach, and so many more of lesser renown - though of no lesser skill. These stories sparked in me a great love of storytelling as an art and method of recording history. More recently, my joy has been rekindled by listening to the wild and winding tales of Jarl Thorfinn the Cruel and Viscount Fearghus MacAirt as they talk about battles past and glories won (or not).

This project is my attempt to fill such holes as have been left in my heart by how long its been since we could all sit and listen by the fire.